TLB series
•Ø70 compact flashing light
•Rotating continuous light,
rotating continuous light and buzzer
•Incandescent lamp indicator (socket type)
•Direct mounting type, support mounting type
•24 V d.c/a.c or 100 – 240 V a.c.




Model TLB-060 TLB-100 TLB-150
Color RED, YELLOW, GREEN 3 color
Bulb 5 W 10 W 21 W
Revolution 220 revolutions per minute 180 revolutions per minute 90 revolutions per minute
Buzzer Approx 80 dB Approx 90 dB
Drive Relay, NPN, PNP Transistor Open Collector Drive
Max. 6 W Max. 11 W Max. 22 W


Model Suffix code Description
TLB 060 Turn light
Shape P Round shape lense , Direct mount(Buzzer)
R Round shape lense , Prop mount
F Square shape lense , Direct mount(Buzzer)
X Square shape lense , Prop mount
Function A Revolution and continous light
F Revolution and continous light, Buzzer(Only for the P & F shape)
Rated voltage C51 24 V d.c / a.c, 50 – 60 Hz
A11 100 – 240 V a.c, 50 – 60 Hz
Color R Red
Y Yellow
G Green