Power supply: 110/220VAC 50/60HZ
Allowable voltage range: 90 to 110% of power supply
Power consumption: Max 3VA
Display method: 7 Segment(red) LED method
Character size (WxH): 7.2 X 9.8mm
Display accuracy: F.S ±0.5% rdg ±1digit
Setting type: Digital setting
Setting accuracy: F.S ±0.5%
Sensor input: Thermocouples: K(CA),J(IC),R(PR)/RTD:DPt100Ω
※There is no R(PR) in T3S,T3H Series.
Input line resistance: Thermocouples:Max 100Ω /RTD: Allowable line resistance max 5Ω per a wire
Control output: relay output: 250VAC 3A 1C
SSR output: 24VDC ±3V 20mA Max
Current output: DC4-20mA (load 600Ω Max)