– Solid die casting case and built in the 2 circuits double micro switch
– High mechanical intensity with the heat resistance, oil proof and dust protection structure
– Various actuators (8 types) provide wide application
– IP67 protective structure (when using the company product HYC-M1 in wire opening)
– Check the operation state on the outside by attaching the operation indicator.

Model Code Description
HY-M90 Limit switch (No operation indicator)
HY-LM90 Limit switch (Operation indicator attachment type)
(operation part)
2 Roller Plunger Type
3 Ball Plunger Type
4 Roller Adjustable Lever Type
7 Adjustable Rod Wire Type
8 Roller Lever Type
8L Fork Roller Lever
8R Ø50 Roller Lever Type
9 Coil Spring Type
Operation indicator
No operation indicator
A a.c indicator attachment type
D d.c indicator attachment type


* Operation indicator attachment type classification
• M900 series limit switch is generally composed of the product with operation indicator and without operation indicator.
Also divided into the a.c type and d.c type operation indicator.
• It can be used as an operation indicator just by changing the cover of limit switch.
It does not need the separate connection and it selects ON/OFF by rotating the holder 180 degree.