Round type proximity sensor
– Applied exclusive IC for C-MOS
– Wide range of power supply voltage(5-35 V DC : DC 3 wire type)
– Internal noise enhanced circuit
– Applied the 2 wire type proximity none polarity

 Model Code Information
UP inductive type proximity sensor
area size
8 M8
12 M12
18 M18
30 M30
Structure type RM Round type Shield
RD Round type None Shield
RLM Long round type shield(M8 and M12 are excluded)
RLD Long round type None shield (M8 and M12 are excluded)
Sensing Distance 1.5 Only for UP8-RM1.5
2 Only for UP8-RD2, UP12-RM2
4 Only for UP12-RD4
5 Only for UP18-RM5, UP18-RLM5
8 Only for UP18-RD, UP18-RLD
10 Only for UP30-RM10, UP30-RLM10
15 Only for UP30-RD15, UP30-RLD15
Power and Output type N D.C NPN output
P D.C PNP output
A A.C 2 wire type
T D.C 2 wire type(Polarity)
U D.C 2 wire type(No polarity) ※ But M8 is excluded
Output state A Normal open(N.O)
C Normal close(N.C)
Connection structure * No indication (Cable type)
CR Relay connector type
C Connector type
※ M8 (Ø8) is only available with the cable type